Starwood Designs
Web Design, SEO, and Branding Project

Project Overview

In late October of 2018, we connected with Starwood Designs, a newly-formed interior design firm concerning helping design their business a new logo, brand identity, and website. Starwood Designs had an impressive portfolio of work on luxury homes in Houston, Texas and needed a website and brand identity that reflected their classic, elegant style. Their website needed to be designed mobile-first, have a simple design and have a simple, yet intuitive site navigation and structure.

Our Process

As we do with most every branding project, we started by choosing an appropriate color scheme and font collection that would be used in the logo, the website, inside videos, and for all future brand collateral. We provided Starwood Designs, four preliminary logo design concepts to choose from. After they decided on one that suited their brand the best, we refined the design and provided them with all vector and raster files for their primary logo and logo variations.

We then began the first stage of the website design, which included wireframing, prototyping, and mapping out the site's overall structure and navigation. We then designed the site, had Starwood Designs approve the preliminary design and began further refining the overall site design before developing the website on local development servers. While we were developing the site, we resized and reformatted graphics, created a homepage presentation video, and added all necessary structured data. After we finished developing the site, we tested and debugged, and finally launched the live site. Finally, we generated sitemaps and registered each sitemap with Google's Search Console.

After we launched the site, we created and optimized Starwood Design's Google MyBusiness Listing, created and optimized a Facebook business account, an Instagram business account, and a Youtube account for the firm, and finally created assets and templates for social media posts and stories.


Fonts and Color Palette

Starwood Designs' brand identity was built around their love of timeless, classic, and elegant interior designs. We thought that by utilizing a simple, classic black and white color palette, we could create a professional and classic look that works well paired with their colorful interior design project images.

For the fonts, we chose two complimentary font families. The first font we chose was Avenir, a geometric sans-serif font that works well to create a professional yet minimalist feel. For headers and displays, we used Avenir Light (300), usually choosing to increase the font's standard kerning while using all uppercase letters for displays and lowercase for smaller headers. The final font we chose was Didot (400), a perfect serif font pairing that gave a feeling of elegance with its narrow, serif characters and legibility with its semi-circular geometry.

Logo Design and Brand Identity

For the logo, we settled on a monogram that combined the letter 'S' from 'Star' and the letter 'W' from 'Wood'. Our choice to use a monogram for the central elements of the logo came from two considerations. Firstly, a monogram can look incredibly professional and is easily identifiable and memorable in the mind of clients and prospects. Secondly, the monogram is versatile and can be placed on almost any design, simply and effectively. When we presented Starwood Designs with the final logo design, they were excited to receive a simple, yet professional logo that reflected their style, mission, and brand.


Brand Identity Presentation Video & Logo Animation

Starwood Designs Brand Identity Presentation VideoPlay video number 1 Starwood Designs Brand Identity Presentation Video
tarwood Designs Logo RevealPlay video number 2 Starwood Designs Logo Reveal

Starwood Designs' New Website

Starwood Designs Homepage
Starwood Designs Homepage Footer
Starwood Designs Services Page
Starwood Designs Project Portfolio Page
Starwood Designs Individual Project Page

Conclusion and Results

It was a wonderful experience working with Starwood Designs to create a new logo and website for their interior design firm. We installed Google Analytics on the new site and are looking forward to following up in a few months to view the website's conversions, traffic, and overall performance. We are excited to work with Starwood Designs on more print design, web design, and SEO for their website.

Starwood Designs New Website

Visit - Starwood Designs

Client Testimonial

"Pixel Brew designed the logo and website for my business, Starwood Designs, and I cannot say enough good things about their quality of work. We are thrilled with the end result and highly recommend their business and services."

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