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What Makes Video Effective?

What Makes Video Effective?It attracts, converts, and retains.

Videos use emotion, voice, and tone to capture the attention of prospective leads, convert leads into customers, and retain those customers over time.

Why Motion Graphics?

Why Do We Use Motion Graphics?They are effective, engaging, & versatile.

Motion graphics are animations that give the illusion of real motion. They are effective and versatile as a form of brand communication.

What Do We Gurantee?

What Do We Gurantee?Brand awarness and engagement.

With a Pixel Brew video, you will see increased brand awareness, a higher ROI on your marketing efforts, and more website traffic and customer conversions.

Should Your Business
Utilize Video Marketing?

Attract, Convert, Retain.

Learn how video is the most effective way to attract new leads, convert those leads into customers, and retain those customers over time.

Video in the marketing world can be used as a way to generate leads, build brand awareness, or promote a product or service. Video truly is the 'king' of marketing in 2018. When it comes to effectively generating awareness and capturing the attention of your target audience, video is almost always the most effective tool available. On top of that, there are a few other things that video can do for your business's marketing efforts.

First and foremost, video is an essential element of good SEO. According to Comscore, adding a single video to your website can increase your odds of reaching the front page of Google by 53%. Secondly, video is the best tool to create strong emotional responses. This is due to a few factors including tone, voice, and music. Lastly, video has been proven to create more customer conversions online. This means that after watching a video, a potential customer is much more likely to convert to being a paying customer on your site or in your store. Take a look at our video services below and how we can help your business integrate video into its marketing campaigns.

Animated Logos (Logo Stings)

Discovering the relevant and popular words and phrases that people search for and that you can rank for.

A static logo is essential for a brand's identity and how a brand connects with their audience, but when you add movement and motion to this, you are able to leave a lasting impact. Our logo animations are powerful tools that will allow your marketing campaigns to reach a whole new level and add a new piece to your business's storytelling process. We provide a variety of logo animations to our clients, which can include a traditional, professional logo animation, or a more creative animation like our video featured above.

Presentations and Slideshows

Building relevant and quality backlinks to your webiste from reputable, "high-authority" websites to help your site rank higher.

A video slideshow like the one shown here is a way to present video or still imagery in a "sliding" or rotating manner. These types of videos are creative marketing tools for promoting a product or services, but they are excellent ways to create brand awareness and tell your business's story. Slideshows can be used for artists, photographers, designers, architects, etc. to showcase their visual work, but they can also be used to introduce your team, display a timeline of your business's history, or tell the viewer what separates your business from the competition. Additionally, slideshows can be effective in online learning or within a larger Powerpoint presentation.

Promotional Videos

Discovering the relevant and popular words and phrases that people search for and that you can rank for.

Does your business need a print publication (booklet, leaflet, journal, pamphlet, magazine, newsletter, etc.)? We are experienced with Adobe InDesign and various other professional publication tools and can provide a variety of publications for your business. We are also able to provide business reports, business manuals, and various other types of printed reports. We are experienced in Adobe InDesign and other professional publication software. We can also facilitate getting your report, manual, or publication printed properly and delivered to your business's location whenever you need it.

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Explainer Videos & Motion Graphics Elements

Hosting, maintaining, and repairing your website to allow you to continue doing what you do best.

Motion graphics is a piece of animation that creates the illusion of real motion, movement, or rotation. These have become some of the most popular types of marketing videos on the internet today and can be found throughout advertisements, online courses, and other industries. These types of videos make the best "explainer videos", which are videos that usually present a problem to the viewer and follow up with a way that a business can solve that problem. At Pixel Brew, we offer a variety of animated motion graphics videos including promotional videos, explainer videos, and product promotion videos. We also offer standalone motion graphics elements that can be integrated into your business's current video marketing efforts including animated infographics, animated icons, video openers, titles, lower thirds, special effects, and much more.

Video Marketing Packages and Pricing

We believe in affordability and flexible pricing.

Animated Explainer Video

Starts at$4,000
  • 1080p HD
  • Script Writing
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • 3-Week Estimated Turnaround
  • Custom Brand Integration

Logo Animation

Most Popular
Starts at$650
  • 1080p HD
  • Up to 10 seconds
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • 4-Day Estimated Turnaround

Presentation or Slideshow

Starts at$2,500
  • 1080p HD
  • Stock Graphics & Footage
  • Royalty-Free Music
  • 3-Week Estimated Turnaround
  • Custom Brand Integration

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