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Why Pay for SEO Services?

Why Invest in SEO?It's simple – SEO increases your ROI.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) offers a variety of advantages for your business. It is an investment to increase traffic, conversions, and boost your ROI.

Is SEO Affordable?

Is It Affordable?We are affordable and offer variability.

We offer customizable and affordable marketing packages for small businesses including website audits, local and national SEO, and on-site optimization.

What Do We Gurantee?

What Do We Gurantee?More website traffic and conversions.

We gurantee one thing – an investment that pays off. You will rank higher on Google, increase web traffic and conversions, and gain more customers/clients.

Quality Content First -
Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Perform Market and Keyword Research.

We start each campaign with market research and keyword research. This helps us understand the competition and what keywords to target.


Produce High-Quality Content.

We analyze the current content on your site and your social media platforms and generate and effective strategy to produce unique, desirable content.


Increase Web Traffic and Measure Results.

As web traffic increases, we measure the result, analyze the data, and finally, perform a fine-tuned plan to continue improving your site's optimization.

What Exactly Is SEO? 90% of people use organic search to find what they are looking for online

So, What Exactly Is SEO?

Discover what search engine optimization is and how it will benefit your business.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a webiste for search enginges to get more traffic from "free", "organic", "editorial", or "natural" search results on popular search engines. These popular search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So, why is SEO even important?

In order for Google and other popular search engines to serve up relevant content to their searchers, they must "crawl" websites and look for search keywords so that the sites with the most relevant keywords get returned to the searchers. Google and other search engines also look at the number of quality links that link back to a specific site. Websites with diverse and relevant links get ranked higher. Additionally, these search engines look at other factors on a website including meta content, page titles, title tags, image attribute tags, a website's loading speed, responsive design (mobile compatibility), and possible occurences of duplicate content.

At Pixel Brew, we take all of these factors into play and provide an expert SEO strategy so that your website will get more traffic and rank higher.

Keyword Research

Discovering the relevant and popular words and phrases that people search for and that you can rank for

While simply having a website is important, it is almost equally as important to optimize that site so your business can be found through popular search engines. Our SEO research is in-depth and starts with us identifying the best keywords to utilize throughout your site. Once we have mapped out the keywords that your site needs to use, we implement them in the appropriate places. After this process is completed, we use tools like Google Analytics and Pagespeed Insights to figure out how fast your pages are rendering and your website traffic analytics. This is an essential step in the web development process and often goes overlooked, however, we prioritize SEO research and implementation from the start so that your business can get discovered online.

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Keyword research services Keyword implementation on a site occurs in strategic places like titles, alt tags, and URLs
Backlink building and citations Creating a variety of high-quality backlinks is essential for a successful SEO campaign.

Backlink Building and Citations

Building relevant and quality backlinks to your webiste from reputable, "high-authority" websites to help your site rank higher.

An essential SEO strategy is building backlinks for your website. This can be thought of as the process of getting your website's URL on websites with "high domain authority". This is a research-intensive process that doesn't happen overnight, but will significantly impact your business's search engine rankings. We examine your competitors' strategies, find the best opportunities for your business to create backlinks, and then execute our strategy for getting more backlinks to your website. This may come in the form of creating and sharing content on popular sites, i.e. creating infographics and sharing them on sites like Visually, guest posting on blogs, sharing content on social media, etc.

PPC Advertising

Rank higher on Google with pay-per-click campaigns and start and stop your campaigns at any time!

Ranking higher on popular search engines can be difficult. While SEO is a crucial strategy to help you rank higher, PPC advertisement can also be a useful plan of attack to boost your ROI and see real results! PPC campaigns allow you to target keywords that are difficult to rank for, adjust your bids throughout the campaign, and start and stop your campaign at any moment. However, the best part about this form of advertising is that you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad!

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising
UX (User Experience) Design UX (User Experience) Design

UX (User Experience) Design

Understand how your site's visitors are navigating your site, their behavior, their interactions with your site, and how to improve your website's conversion rate.

Your business has run pay-per-click campaigns, optimized the site for search engine rankings, but is still suffering from low conversion rates (users are leaving your site and not buying, subscribing, or paying for your product or service). The problem then usually lies with your site's UX or User Experience. We start by looking at the site's overall flow and number of 'call to actions'. Then we look at a sitemap and figure out if the path to your 'conversion' page (Checkout, Contact Us, etc.) is easily understood by your users. This usually includes an A/B test, i.e. we test two versions of your site and decide which one is performing better. Then we look at heat maps (where users are clicking) to find out what portions of your site are useful or useless for converting your visitors and which portions of your site users are getting sidetracked by and thus exiting from the site. After this, we decide where the work needs to be done, we implement the design changes and test to get your web visitors to start buying or service or product.

Content/Inbound Marketing

Utilize shareable and engaging content to market more effectively and drive more customer conversions.

Unlike traditional marketing, which is frequently costly, aggressive, and ineffective at targeting your audience, content or inbound marketing provides a practical solution for reaching your target audience engagingly and positively.

Content marketing relies on creating or generating interesting, engaging, and shareable content to market your business and generate brand awareness. This content includes infographics, blog posts, articles, and videos that attract and convert your target audience while providing your business with a sense of brand credibility and trustworthiness. It is simply the most effective form of modern marketing today.

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Content/Inbound Marketing: A Modern Marketing Solution for Small Businesses

SEO Packages and Pricing

We believe in affordability and flexible pricing.

Website Audit

As low as$125
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Content Development
  • Up to 50 Keywords
  • 90-day Rank Report
  • Comprehensive Backlink Analysis

Local SEO

Most Popular
As low as$175/mo
  • Full On-Site SEO
  • Up to 3 locations
  • 20 Pages
  • 10 Keywords

National SEO

As low as$300/mo
  • Full On-Site SEO
  • Up to 25 pages
  • Up to 50 Keywords
  • Quarterly link Outreach Campaign
  • Full Competitive Analysis

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