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Visual brand identity. One of the core components of running a successful business and maintaining success over a long period of time. Without a memorable and consistent brand, you lose an opportunity to develop trust with your customers and with the services or products you sell. Learn how we develop strong brand identities and manage creating brand collateral.


Every business starts somewhere, and for most businesses, this means a business name, a logo design, color scheme, brand fonts, and an overall brand identity. With a strong brand identity that reflects you and your business goals, you are more likely to develop trust from everyone connected to your business including your customers. This leads to your business being able to succeed and start off on the right path.

With our logo designs and branding packages, we aim to create a unique, professional, and creative logo design that accurately represents you, your business, and your business's goals and aspirations. With a Pixel Brew logo design, your business will be able to create a strong and lasting connection with your target audience, invite new customers to get to know you and your business, distinguish you or your business from the competition, and allow your business to create lasting brand loyalty. Most importantly though, with our professional logo designs, your business will be able to have a new brand identity that you can be proud of, which you'll be able to think of as an extension of you and your business.


A logo is the cornerstone of a brand's identity. With this in mind, we love to develop precise, unique logos that help our clients connect with their audience and stand above the competition. We create logos for start-ups who are looking for a fresh and new brand identity and for businesss that are looking for improvements to their exisitng logo or simply want to overhaul their brand's identity and start from scratch. The end result is a beautiful logo and brand identity that your business will be proud of and that can be integrated into your website or any of your existing marketing assets.


A brand is incomplete without collateral. Think of your brand's collateral as the medium in which your logo is seen by your audience. So, this could include business cards, trifolds, stickers, gift cards, post cards, vouchers, resum├ęs, email signatures, etc. Each of our logo design and branding packages includes at least one (1) collateral item of your choosing to go along with your logo and help you stand out and speak to your audience.


A brand guideline or a brand manual is a helpful tool for your business to understand the elements that make up your brand's identity. A brand guideline (brand manual) can be thought of as a list of all the attributes that make your brand unique. This includes elements such as fonts, color schemes, slogans/taglines, graphics, messages, strategies, etc.


It is always helpful to see a mockup version of how you design will look in the real world. Mockups can include almost any branding collateral you can think of including business cards, product designs, vehicle graphics, print designs, storefront graphics (signage), clothing designs, etc. The reason these are so helpful is because they allow for less error when it comes to printing, painting or embroidering your design. For example, if you have a fleet of vans that need a vehicle graphic design, it would be useful to know where you design will be placed on each van and make any necesary adjustments before having them placed on your vans. Whenever we create a logo and identity for a client, we provide them with the acutal designs and a few mockups.

Creative Logo Design
Just a Logo

Starts at $280

'Just a Logo' is perfect for start-ups or small businesses on a budget who need a professionally-designed, creative logo at an affordable price that will help get them started on the path to success. Our logos are unique, modern, professional and are sure to stand out amongst the competition.

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Light Branding and Logo Design
Light Branding Design Package

Starts at $900

This package features more than just a newly designed logo, but doesn't have as many assets as our full brand design package. It provides your business with the most essential collateral to get you started off on the right foot with a beautifully designed, brand identity.

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Full Branding and Logo Design
Full Branding Design Package

Starts at $1,200

This package is perfect for small businesses, start-ups, or organizations that need a complete visual brand identity package to help expand brand awareness and take their business to the next level. It features a logo and a full-range of branding collateral.

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