Video Marketing Package

Starts at $3,000

This package is perfect for established small businesses that really want to take their marketing efforts to the next level and reach a broader audience. This package contains a logo animation (like the one featured here), a company profile or presentation video to showcase your business's value, history, staff, etc., and a single promotional video to use in ppc campaigns. Additionally, this packages comes with your choice of an After Effects project file that can be integrated into any of your current or future videos, which can include animated infographics, animated icons, lower thirds, titles, openers, color grading presets, or anything else that you need to continue advancing your video marketing efforts.

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The Video Marketing Package Includes:

One (1) logo sting (like the one featured above).
Your Choice of:
One (1) animated promotional video.
One (1) company presentation video, portfolio video, or company profile video.

One Additional Motion Graphic Asset

One (1) animated icons pack.
One (1) animated infographics pack.
One (1) video opener.
One (1) title pack.
One (1) lower thirds pack.
One (1) custom transitions pack.

Project Timeline

3-5 weeks. This is dependent on the requirements and the videos desired.

Payment Plans

We like to have our clients make 3 (three) payments (1st upon booking, 2nd around the start of the project, and 3rd at the completion of the project), however, we are very flexible and are willing to work with you on a payment plan.

Pixel Brew does not shoot live video. We are able to contract this work to a trusted video production team if you are interested in this service. We can however work with existing footage and photgraphy, stock footage, stock photography, or we can shoot photos at your location, which can all work great in our video production process. Contact us at for more information.