Small Business Website Design and Development Package

Starts at $2,500

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This package is perfect for small businesses needing an online presence and business's that want to provide information-based resources for their clients/customers. It includes a 'home', 'about', 'contact', 'blog', and up to 8 additional website pages. This package is ideal for service providing agencies, individual portfolios, agencies, an any small businesses or start-ups that do custom invoicing and who don't need an online storefront with e-commerce integration.

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Web Design

-Custom-designed 'Home' page, 'About' page and 'Contact' page.
-Four additional custom external pages ('Services', 'Testimonials', etc.).
-Three Legal pages ('Privacy Policy', 'Terms & Conditions', or 'Terms of Service').
-Custom designed 'Blog' page with post archives.
-Graphic design and development of all site graphics to help express your brand's unique identity throughout the overall site design.
-Content structuring, wireframing, site mockup, and development of effective content as it relates to communicating your bussiness's services, products, and goal.

Website Development

-Content Management System theme installment (Wordpress, Drupal, Squarespace, Joomla, etc.).
-Plugin installment, setup, and customization.
-Custom CSS styling with easy-to-read structure along with a variety of additional CSS styles that can be utilized in your site.
-Contact form validation with AJAX functionality.
-Responsive, mobile and tablet-friendly site design. Designed on Twitter's Bootstrap 4 or Foundation 6.
-Social Media site integration.
-Optional email subscription integration.
-7-Day post-launch tech support.
-3-Hour Content Management System (CMS) teaching session.

Package Add-Ons

-Customized Portfolio: $400
-Website SEO: $1,500
-Back-End Database Architecture: $1,500

Project Timeline

2-3 weeks. This is dependent on the design and any additional pages desired.

Payment Plans

We like to have our clients make 3 (three) payments (1st upon booking, 2nd around the start of the project, and 3rd at the completion of the project), however, we are very flexible and are willing to work with you on a payment plan.

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