Custom Wordpress Website
Design Package

Beautifully-Designed, Customizable
Themes for Wordpress

Increase your online presence with a creative, brand-centered design that you can manage, update, and modify to suite your business's needs.
Custom Wordpress Website

Starts at $5,500

This package is perfect for small businesses who want to have the ability to manage, update, and modify their site through a content management system. This package includes everything that we include in our Small Business Web Design Package, however, with this package, we build our sites on Wordpress as a fully customizable theme.

While we highly recommend Wordpress over other Content Management Systems, we can build your site on Magento, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, or any other CMS platform of your choice.

Why Does Your Business Need a Custom-Designed Wordpress Theme?

There are countless "themes" available online. While these themes might seem like a great deal, the truth is that none of these themes were ever designed for you and your business's needs. Additionally, they are generic, used for countless other websites, are vulnerable to hacking, and don't have that unique feel that your brand needs to stand out online.

Our customized themes are not only secure, manageable, and creative, but are always designed and developed for YOUR business. They help you stand out in your market, express your brand's missions, goals, and message in the best manner, and have customized plugins and technical features that make your site best optimized for search engines and safe from SQL injection and hacking.

Package Features

Increase your online presence with a creative, brand-centered design and make that presence work by boosting your conversion rate.

Web Design

  • Custom-designed 'Home' page, 'About' page and 'Contact' page.
  • Four additional custom external pages ('Services', 'Testimonials', etc.)
  • Three Legal pages ('Privacy Policy', 'Terms & Conditions', or 'Terms of Service')
  • Custom designed 'Blog' page with post archives
  • Graphic design and development of all site graphics to help express your brand's unique identity throughout the overall site design
  • Content structuring, wireframing, site mockup, and development of effective content as it relates to communicating your bussiness's services, products, and goal

Web Development

  • Custom CSS styling with easy-to-read structure along with a variety of additional CSS styles that can be utilized in your site
  • Contact form validation with AJAX functionality
  • Responsive, mobile and tablet-friendly site design. Designed on Twitter's Bootstrap 4 or Foundation 6
  • Social Media site integration
  • Optional email subscription integration
  • 7-Day post-launch tech support

Payment Plans

We accept payments in full or we allow our clients to make three payment installation. The first payment is due before the project begins, the second payemnt at 50% completion, and the final paymnt at 100% completion.

Project Timeline

6-8 weeks. This is dependent on the design, response time from the client, and any additional modifications desired.