Jacquemine, Wernli, and Co.
Branding and Web Design Project

Jacquemine, Wernli, and Co LLP, Certified Public Accountnts have been offering accounting services to their clientele for the the past decade, but recently, they began to consider expanding their client base with an online prescense and new brand identity. With this in mind, the goal was to create a professional, modern logo and a fully responsive website where JWC could ultimately convert more clients and provide resources and tax information to their current clientele.

Step 1: Identifying Goals

Jacquemine, Wernli, and Co. first requested a logo that reflected their knowledge, professionalism, and modern business identity. Their fully-responsive website would reflect their new brand identity by showcasing their vast knowledge and experience, as well as providing the appropriate amount of resources for their current clients.

After JWC expressed their goals and the vision for their new web presence, the path to their success was straight-forward and mutually understood.

Branding Goals and Objectives

-Create a variety of logo representations to nail down which best represented their brand identiy and business goals.
-Design a few prototypes for their fully-responsive website.
-Develop a fast, dynamic PHP-based website that would be well-organized and easily modifiable for future maintenance.
-Maintain the website by adding blogs, news articles, and updated resources for JWC's vast clientele.
-Provide signage and other print media

Step 2: Showcasing what the company does best.

Working with Jacquemine, Wernli, and Co. LLP, we wanted to highlight the company's experience, credentials, professionalism, and what sets their firm apart. We started the web project with different font families that would work well together and express the uniqueness of the brand. We chose Patua One and Playfair Display, two classic, serif font families for heading and body text. We paired these serif fonts with Lato, a popular, sans-serif web font that has a both clean and corporate feel. (Playfair Display shown below).

The next step was deciding on a professional, modern color palatte to pair with the font and overall brand image. (View colors by clicking the button below).