Boss Media Mulitmedia Design Project

Case Study Overview

The owner and founder of Boss Media, Merideth Melville, is a creative and intuitive video producer who wanted to branch off after 20 years in the business and start her own production company. Boss Media, named after the early 60s term coined by Rock musicians, wanted to develop a brand that reflected their creativity but also displayed their professoinalism, which appealed to their target audience. We wanted to provide them with a creative logo, a creative website with a modern feel, and a marketing package that included web marketing graphics and social media integration.

Step 1: Creating a New Brand

Boss Media collaborated with us to design their new logo. They had a few ideas in mind and provided us with images and font that they would like employed. We then took those ideas, crated a new color pallete for them, and developed a new logo that they were very happy with.

Branding Goals and Objectives

-Decide on two font families that would pair with one another and which would be used on the Boss Media website and in print and marketing pieces.
-Develop a creative, professional, and modern color scheme, which would also be represented on the website, in the logo, and in print and digital marketing pieces.
-Design a logo that took elements from the old design and helped to make the brand stand out amongst affiliates and industry competitors.
-Design a branding guideline for print and digital marketing, which addresses elements such as the se of imagery, the use of slogans and taglines, and how to focus on blogging, and social media effors, etc.

Step 2: Showcasing What the Company Does Best

Working with Jacquemine, Wernli, and Co. LLP, we wanted to highlight the company's experience, credentials, professionalism, and what sets their firm apart. We started the web project with different font families that would work well together and express the uniqueness of the brand. We chose Patua One and Playfair Display, two classic, serif font families for heading and body text. We paired these serif fonts with Lato, a popular, sans-serif web font that has a both clean and corporate feel. (Playfair Display shown below).

The next step was deciding on a professional, modern color palatte to pair with the font and overall brand image. (View colors by clicking the button below).

Project Gallery

Boss Media Web DesignFilm Reel Mockup DesignsJim ParsonsFacebook and Twitter Cover Design Old Boss Media LogoBoss Media Font Pairing DesignBoss Media Color Scheme
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