Social, Local, Mobile: A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

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Our comprehensive marketing strategy for small businesses can be broken down into three categories, Social, Local, and Mobile, also known as SoLoMo.

1. Mobile

When working with a small business on a fully-comprehensive online marketing strategy, our first step is to build a unique, creative, and responsive website. Simply put, more people use mobile devices to browse online, and in 2018, it can be challenging to reach your potential customers or clients without having a lead-capturing website. This is what we consider, "Mobile".

2. Local

Next, we execute a plan for generating leads in a radius of the business's location with local SEO. This plan includes optimizing our responsive website for search engines, creating and verifying a Google MyBusiness listing, and finally, managing and updating consistent citations for that listing on websites like Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo!, Bing, and more. This is what we consider, "Local".

3. Social

Finally, we create a strong social media presence for our business, which accomplishes a few things. First and foremost, having an active social media presence allows the business to reach potential customers. Secondly, a strong social media presence enables the business to increase its brand awareness through consistent graphics, messaging, and voice. Finally, the business's social media becomes one of its strongest marketing platforms, where the content is not generated from within but by the customers. As new and returning customers visit the local business, reviews, photos, and videos become a new way of promoting products and increasing brand credibility. This is what we consider, "Social".

To view an example of our SoLoMo strategy at work, check out a few of our latest projects, including one with Circulating Air, a local Longmont, Colorado HVAC business and Wills Design Associates, an interior design agency located in Brooklyn, New York.