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Pixel Brew is a full-service and professional Longmont web design, web development, branding, and digital marketing agency. We are talented, experienced, creative, and incredibly passionate about what we do and the skills we offer.

We excel at building modern and results-driven websites that are intuitive to users, driving more online traffic to those websites with a focus on converting web visitors into future customers, and maintaining brand loyalty through video marketing, graphic design, and modern marketing techniques. We have worked with small businesses and organizations across the United States and local businesses and startups in the Northern Colorado region and more specifically, Longmont, Colorado.


Whenever we meet with a new client, the first thing we always ask is, "Explain to us what your business does, and give us a brief sales pitch as to why we should buy your product/service." This does two things. It helps us to understand a little more about your business before we begin your project, and it gives us a little better understanding of you and how you sell your product.

One thing we have learned from all of these interactions is that each of our clients is excellent at selling their products and services and is incredibly passionate about what they do. We know that when you are face-to-face with a potential client, you can sell your products or services close to every time with the right client. So, every time we start a project, we ask ourselves, "how do we put the 'you' in your website"? We take our experience with you giving us a "sales pitch", and we put you behind the screen. Simply put, we start with you.

It's our mission to make you look as excited and professional online as you do when you are in person, making your sales pitch to a client. When your website directly informs your audience who you are and when it communicates your message clearly, you will find a whole new level of enthusiasm and confidence in your business, both online and offline.

We are firm believers that it shouldn't cost you a fortune to receive high-quality web design and development services for your business. Through our structured and creative process, we are able to keep our own costs low while allowing creative flexibility to each of our clients. This allows us to provide you with a fully customized and personal design experience that will help your business be seen and get discovered.

Robert Russell - Owner of Circulating Air

This was a wonderful experience having my website built by Pixel Brew. Thomas gathered my thoughts on what I wanted to be seen and said and truly ran with it from there. I was amazed by the end results. I have even had customers, new and old, write and also call and say what a fantastic website we have. He amazed me with the results with very, very little input from me. I love my companies website.

Merideth Melville - Owner of Boss Media

Pixel Brew designed and built my company's website. It has a clean, modern look that I love. It's easy to navigate. And the way my work is presented (with just a click) makes it easy for clients to view my reel. It was a (long distance) collaborative process that came together flawlessly (I live in Houston). And they even designed my cool logo! I highly recommend Pixel Brew for any and all or your website, motion graphics and design needs.

Dan Robertson - Owner of RettSchool Online

To Thomas Culver, who designed my logo and website, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent work!



Research & Plan

We like to begin each project with in-depth research that helps us fully comprehend your business model, your market, your competition, and the strategy we will implement to help you fulfill your project goals. Before we work with every client, we like to ask 10 questions that will help us get started and begin the research process.


Wireframe & Design

Next, we begin wireframing your project. We believe in designing for the purpose of user engagement and conversions, to help you receive more online traffic and connect with your audience. By wireframing and prototyping your project, we are able to work efficiently and quickly when it comes to coding and employing your site.


Develop & Employ

After we prototype and wireframe your site, we begin developing your site in our own test environment on our servers. We build our standards-compliant, cross-browser, and cross-device websites that are a perfect match for our planned design.


Evaluate & Market

Finally, after we launch your site, we provide ongoing web and graphics support to help you connect with your audience and spread your message. We love to work with our clients long-term so that they can continue growing their business and doing what they love.

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