Wills Design Associates
Web Design and Custom Wordpress Theme Development Project

Case Study Overview

Wills Design Associates is a creative, enthusiastic, and energetic Brooklyn, New York based interior design firm. They have been featured in Houzz, Domino, Curbed, Lonny, and Park Slope Brownstoner. We were thrilled to be able to work with such a high-end, professional interior designer to create a custom Wordpress Theme for their business and help optimize their site for search engines.

Services Provided

Web Design

Step 1: Defining Project Goals

The main goals of the project were to transfer Wills Design Associates from Squarespace to another content management system in an attempt to have more custom control over SEO page content. These items included meta tags, meta descriptions, image titles and alt tags, and additional site copy. We decided that the best solution was to move over to Wordpress and design a custom Wordpress theme for the site. This gave us the ability to customize our plugins and add on to plugins to give us more control.

Finally, we decided to track and monitor the SEO efforts moving forward with a focus on optimizing for additional keywords, and developing a strong backlink profile for the site.

Step 2: Developing a Custom Wordpress Theme

While building the custom Wordpress theme, we wanted to take the best features from the old Squarespace site and build on top of those with more interface elements. Additionally, we wanted to modify areas of the site where we thought it was needed and appropriate. The main tasks with redesign were.

Simplify navigation on mobile.- done
Include visually appealing call-to-actions on each page. - done
Ensure that each page has <h1> title tags with keyword-appropriate content. - done
Use more copy throughout the site to provide users more information about Wills Design Associates, their interior design projects, and what services they offer.- done
Write custom Javascript code to load image galleries asynchronously when those galleries are scrolled to in the viewport. - done

In the end, the website was easier to navigate and manage, had more internal links that helped users navigate to the appropriate pages for conversion, and contained more copy that benefited our SEO efforts by providing relevant information to site users.

Step 3: Monitoring SEO Efforts

After the site was developed and launched, we set up a new SEO campaign to monitor our efforts. This process will continue for months to years down the road, but the goals were simple. Continue adding site content and pages as new projects were completed (by Wills Design Associates), build quality and high-authority backlinks by creating new business pages online and getting more exposure from high-profile magazines and blogs, and finally, developing a strategy for going after relevant keywords.

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